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Mastitis Prevention

Preventive tools for cows
in milk

Economical and efficient prevention of mastitis should be part of a herd health programme in dairy herds to avoid new contamination and more stress during the lactating period.

Preventive Management
in the dry period

Drying off is a great opportunity to cure existing mastitis infections and protect against new ones; preventive management protocols and tools help vets and farmers manage dry-off and prevent mastitis during the dry period and the next lactation.

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More farms with
collected data

Decrease in
antibiotic use

Sale growth of udder
health services

Increased milk
quality / quantity

Mastitis Prevention Guidance & Support

Dry-off protocols
and treatments

Find out more about Selective and Blanket Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT vs. BDCT).

Milk Sampling

Milk sampling is an essential part of mastitis control, especially for culture and sensitivity testing of the mastitis-causing agents.

Knowing the type of bacteria involved will provide a guide on to the preventive measurements required and identify the best treatment option.

Innovative data management platform

VetIMPRESS consolidates external data and veterinary data into a powerful reporting platform providing information such as milk records medicine use, lists of cows for SDCT etc, which enables evidence-based decisions to be made.

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Mastitis Symptoms and Treatment Plan:

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Mastitis Therapy


‘Prevention has to be a lot better than cure.’

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