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Dairy farmers and veterinarians constantly face challenges – from concerns over the quality of milk in the tank and discarded milk, to changes in agricultural policy, the demand of global markets and the threats from endemic diseases.

At Vetoquinol we want to support farmers in improving milk profitability and working closely with their vet as a trusted advisor –  together achieving more sustainable businesses.

Mastitis treatment and control is one of the highest costs to the UK dairy industry, resulting in lost productivity and reduced animal welfare. It is a burden on time and resources for every dairy farmer.


Our vision for a better quality of life is for farmers and their vets to regularly review mastitis patterns, for farmers to have confidence in their approach and to have less disruption in their work, thanks to optimized treatment recommendations.


A better quality
of life

disruption in
the farmer’s work
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treatment recommendation
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More thoughtful
use of antibiotics

 It is imperative for any sample of the milk produced by cows suffering from the symptoms of mastitis to be collected as hygienically as possible to avoid any contamination.


Follow this link for guidance on sampling 


At the same time the quality of the farm data available affects the vets’ ability to make a valuable, informed treatment decision.


Vetoquinol is committed to providing access to sources of reliable and relevant data, products and tools, so vets and farmers can be involved in optimized treatment decisions and consider the responsible use of antibiotics.

Happy, healthy cows produce high yields of high quality milk, which means a positive future for everyone.

We are part of the essential milk industry, so we are part of the solution.

We provide tools to gain access to the best advice, take preventative action and make evidence-based decisions.

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