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Vetoquinol cares about animal welfare

We want to support the people whose job it is to look after because happy, healthy cows produce higher quality milk, meaning more affordable, nutritional dairy products, available all over the world.

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Practical Approaches to Cattle Pain Management: From Detection to Treatment

Unlock The Mysteries of Pain Management With Raphael Guatteo, DVM, PhD, ECBHM Diplomate, professor of bovine health management at ONIRIS, Nantes, France.

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Body Condition Score Card

In this document, you’ll learn about the systematic assessment of a cow's body condition using a five-point scale. Download it now for free! ...

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Video: Milk Sampling is Key to Mastitis Control​

Before doing any diagnostics, make sure to take milk samples first! In this video, learn more about the right steps to follow for successful milk sampling....

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Stories from vets and farmers

A more rational use of antibiotics

I can see milk buyers putting more pressure on farmers to reduce antibiotic use, we have already seen this with reduction in the use of dry cow therapy

Farmer, 180 dairy cows

Collecting farm data for analysis and evidence-based decisions

I know data are there but I can’t get hold of it. Getting access to the data is an absolute nightmare.

Veterinarian, United Kingdom

When to call the vet

If we wait for the farmers to call us, we can wait for a long time. We have to be proactive.
Veterinarian, France

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