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Evidence-Based Mastitis Therapy

Farmers: Follow good milk sampling techniques to support pathogen identification and to determine the appropriate therapeutic protocol.

Vets and farmers: Mastitis prevention and treatment depend on accurate microbiological diagnoses. Make bacteriology simple and valued  with easy-to-use tools providing  fast results leading to better treatment decisions and long-term herd monitoring.

Allowing vets and farmers to ensure and to maintain treatment efficiency and protect milk quality.

Articles on Evidence-Based Mastitis Therapy

Supporting diagnosis with aseptic sampling to have confidence in bacteriological results


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Evidence-Based Mastitis Therapy Tools and Products

Pathogen Identification


Straightforward tools to facilitate  good bacteriology practice.

Livestock Health

Data Management Platform

A comprehensive data platform integrating multiple external sources of information with internal records and client details from the Practice Management System (PMS)Mastitis related data captured directly from Milk Recording results. 

  • Medicine usage from the practice records to enable regular review & advise management practices
  • Enables cows eligible for Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) to be identified.

Fit-for-Purpose Protocols

Guidelines for good practice

Taking a step by step approach to ensure the right treatment, for the right cow at the right time


Milk Sampling Best Practices

Milk sampling is an essential part of mastitis control, especially for culture and sensitivity testing of the mastitis-causing agents.


Knowing the type of bacteria involved will provide guidance on the preventive measurements required and identify the best treatment.

Fit-for-Purpose Protocols​

Protocoles and Decision Trees

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Mastitis Symptoms and Treatment Plan: Download this guide for all you need to know about the symptoms of cow mastitis, the waiting period, and treatment recommendations.

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How I reduced mastitis
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