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Efficient Vet Annual Services

Efficient Vet Annual Services

Vets: Mastitis Management as part of a wide range of long term support for your farmers.

Farmers: work with your vet to understand the pathogen risk for your farm.

Data management
for decision-making

Data Management

For Decision-Making

Vets: become your farmer’s go-to partner in getting the best out of the farm data

Farmers: provide your vet with access to your farm data to enable evidence-based decisions to improve udder health 

Vet communication support

Vet Communication Support

Strengthening the relationship between vets and farmers through regular communication and a shared commitment to change management practices when indicated and where required.

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Milchviehhalter behandelt Mastitis bei einer Kuh

Five things your farmers should know about mastitis

This is the first of a series of blogs on udder health. This blog serves as an introduction, later blogs will cover practical information and solutions that you as a vet can provide to your dairy farmers. As an introduction, here are five important points they should understand.

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Give sound advice, take preventative action and make evidence-based decisions utilising the data and tools available today.


More farms with
collected data

Responsible use of

Sale growth of udder
health services

Increased milk
quality / quantity

Win-Win Partnership Support

Comprehensive data to improve farming for everyone

  • Multiple external sources of information integrated with internal data and client details from the Practice Management System (PMS)
  • Efficient collation of farm facts and figures
  • Everyday engagement with clients
  • Evidence based decision-making
  • Effective communication of service & value
  • Developed by vets, for vets.

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Achieve better udder health management

Join experts Sofie Piepers and Joep Driessen to discover more about providing udder health services to your farmers.

Download Guide

Mastitis Symptoms and Treatment Plan:

Download this guide for all you need to know about the symptoms of cow mastitis, the waiting period, and treatment recommendations.​…

We're part of the essential milk industry, so we are part of the solution.

We provide you with tools you need to give the best advice, take preventative action and make evidence-based decisions.

Mastitis Prevention

Mastitis Therapy

Udder health routine services
with the vet

We have routine vet visits every two weeks, mainly
for fertility and fresh cows, we routine foot trim every 3 months again mainly preventative

Farmer, 110 dairy cows