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Clinical Mastitis Treatment: Let’s be Selective!

Young male farmer with herd of cattle at dairy farm

There is a strong association between antimicrobial consumption in livestock with antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in consumers’ and politicians’ mind leading to an incredible societal pressure.

Resting areas: What bedding to recommend for dairy cows?

A cow that is reluctant to lie down will spend less time resting and more time standing, which can cause all sorts of problems. See: the consequences of uncomfortable cubicles Weaker cows are the first to suffer from poor cubicles – while they are the ones who really need their rest and comfort.

Setting up an effective farm treatment plan for mastitis

For farmers and farm workers treatment plans provide guidance for the right approach to sick cows, for example how to deal with a cow with clinical mastitis. They also reduce the risk of giving the wrong treatment or the wrong dosage – or treating when it is not necessary. When farmers know exactly what to… Continue reading Setting up an effective farm treatment plan for mastitis

The five-point plan for mastitis control

This five-point plan will guide you in your approach to tackling mastitis in a methodical way. It was developed by an international team of udder health specialists, veterinary practitioners, dairy farmers, and experts on communication and human behaviour. The five focus areas are – in no particular order – infection pressure, resistance, milking, treatment and… Continue reading The five-point plan for mastitis control

Five things your farmers should know about mastitis

This is the first of a series of blogs on udder health. This blog serves as an introduction, later blogs will cover practical information and solutions that you as a vet can provide to your dairy farmers. As an introduction, here are five important points they should understand.